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What We're Buying: The Betches' Most 'Functional Betch' Nail Polish Shade

Have you bought anything you loved lately? In the PeopleStyle offices, the answer to that question is usually “Yes.” (Just check out our weekly What We’re Loving Right Now gallery for proof!) This week, we’re featuring the Betches, a.k.a. Jordana Abraham, Samantha Fishbein and Aleen Kuperman, (who have a new collection with JustFab!) and their go-to polish color.

Samantha Fishbein, Aleen Kuperman, and Jordana Abraham, the geniuses behind the social media/lifestyle brand Betches and new collaboration with JustFab: “How To Be Functional Betch rule #1: always show up with your nails perfectly painted. A good manicure is the difference between ‘you’re hired’ and ‘here’s the door.’ We chose Essie’s Tribal Text-Styles as our go-to color for being a betch boss. It is the chicest shade for fall with its dark, slightly metallic hue that says ‘Hey girl, it’s almost winter – you do you.’ The polish pairs flawlessly with an iridescent clutch which can transition you from the boardroom to the bar. We are obsessed! K bye.”



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