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8 Coffee Shops in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa That Give Us Life in the Morning

Java Minute? Here’s Our Roundup of the Best Roasters in Town

Written By: Jane Adler

Whether you prefer your caffeine from Costa Mesa or a Newport Beach brew, these local coffee shops are sure to put the pep back into your step! From pink espresso machines to Australian baristas—swoon—these java joints will have you jonesing for your morning jolt.

Best Coffee Shops Near Newport Beach

A Roast to the Good Life!

Common Room Roasters

Cure your caffeine craving and enjoy this serene space filled with concrete creativity—quite literally. Their gorgeous green exterior invites you in for a coffee experience that they aptly describe as “raised in Melbourne, roasted in California.” Their industrial, yet warm and inviting design makes it a gem in OC, including the coveted ceramics that are used for sips and snacks. New on the menu is the Guatemalan single origin from La Ensenada, roasted in-house, of course. The notes are fruity and clean, without losing that unique touch only their process can deliver. “At Common Room Roasters, we put a lot of time and effort into sourcing premium sustainably grown coffees from origins that are a little off the beaten track. From there, we carefully develop roasting profiles for each individual coffee to accentuate that origin’s particular flavor notes. Compared to some other roasters, we often roast a little lighter to achieve this,” says Director Ed Moffatt.

Native Knowledge: Common Room Roasters hosts a Live DJ set called “Beans & Beats” every Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. If you happen to miss it, all sets are recorded and will be shared on their upcoming “Beans & Beats” designated podcast.

Common Room Roasters 882 Production Pl Newport Beach, CA 92663 949.220.7868

Best Coffee Shops Near Newport Beach

Java, Java, Java!

Coffee Dose

Uno, Dose, Lattes! This coffee collective has a cult following who flock to get their fix every morning. A locally-owned establishment, Coffee Dose is located within East Eighteenth salon so you can get a sip and a snip all in one stop with beans from Common Room Roasters. Their social media-savvy set-up makes it a ‘gram go-to and their delicious drinks are sure to get a lot of likes. Their menu has some drinks were pretty sure might upstage your Folgers. A fan fave is The Beauty, which includes Vital Proteins collagen, raw almond mylk, your choice of either their housemade rose or lavender syrup and a shot of espresso.

Native Knowledge: Pups are praised at this place and given treats. Their back patio with additional seating has a dog bowl and a mural that may inspire man’s best friend to “sit down.”

Coffee Dose 116 E 18th St Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Best Coffee Shops Near Newport Beach

Wake Up!

Daydream Surf Shop

Waking up can be a total nightmare, and Daydream is the solution. This surf shop slash coffee stop is an awesome spot to grab a board and a brew, with beans exclusively roasted by Sight Glass Coffee in San Francisco. Their hand-crafted creations are infused with anything from cardamom to carbonation and their laid back vibes make it a must for the contingent of Costa Mesa coffee fiends.

Native Knowledge: Try their espresso float for a little bubble in your morning brew!

Daydream Surf Shop 1588 Monrovia Ave Newport Beach, CA 92663


Best Coffee Shops Near Newport Beach

Morning, Sunshine!

Kéan Coffee

Talk about a Newport classic. Kéan has been roasting their own beans from around the world in-house daily, and coffee aficionados appreciate their warm welcomes and hot, fresh brews. Owner Martin Diedrich has longstanding relationships with small-scale farmers that provide the best beans from places like Sumatra, Columbia, Papua New Guinea, the list goes on. The classic bevvies are in ample supply, but try The Grasshopper for a drip with mint and vanilla to shake up your usual morning java.

Native Knowledge: If you’re feeling a bit hungry and a pastry isn’t your game, don’t underestimate their Sambazon Acai Energy Bowl. It’s a favorite among the health nuts and high school kids for a boost of antioxidants and filling granola.

Kéan Coffee 2043 Westcliff Dr, Ste 100 Newport Beach, CA 92660 949.642.5326

Best Coffee Shops Near Newport Beach

Haute, Haute Heat

Haute Cakes Caffe

Recently renovated, Haute Cakes reopened to flaunt their latest facelift while serving the traditional fan favorites. This local establishment serves up Stumptown Coffee by the cupful to keep un-caffeinated customers at bay. And did we mention they have some of the best avocado toast in town? We’re glad this haunt is open again in time for the holidays. Haute Cakes carries local craft coffee from vendors like the above-mentioned Common Room Roasters—meaning freshly roasted beans just a few minutes away—and bottles of Mary Joe CBD-infused cold brew if you need to chill out while you recharge.

Haute Cakes Caffe 1807 Westcliff Dr Newport Beach, CA 92660


Brewtiful Feeling

Honor Coffee

The only thing better than a warm hug in a mug is a saucer of steamy goodness served with a sweet treat. Honor Coffee does this pairing perfectly with their pastries provided by local vendors like Blackmarket Bakery. Their aesthetic is simple and clean, just like their curated coffee. And if chai lattes are your jam, theirs is expertly brewed in-house in something that looks like a copper witch’s cauldron, with its concoction being a perfectly sweet and spicy dance on your palate.

Native Knowledge: If you want to sit and stay awhile, the Lido Marina parking garage offers the first hour free and two additional hours with validation.

Honor Coffee 3400 Via Lido Newport Beach, CA 92663 503.862.8243

Too Legit to Quit


This Newport Beach biz is brewing up picture perk-fect pours with their minimalist motif. Their menu boasts a variety of toasts that range from sweet to savory and are sure to satisfy. Sit, sip and savor this locally-loved java joint, and if a cup of joe leaves you jittery, check out the less-caffeinated chai and matcha latte options. They curate their coffee from multiple experts like Coava in Portland and Temple in Sacremento. Cheers!

Native Knowledge: While Kit is known as a coffee shop, they are also a purveyor of plants and host a wonderful array of green friends available for purchase.

Kit 1617 Westcliff Dr, Ste 103 Newport Beach, CA 92660

Drive All Night

Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee

There’s something delectably amazing about doughnuts and drip coffee. SideCar capitalizes on this match made in “leaven” (get it?) by offering rotating seasonal blends that’ll dare you to dunk your doughnut. If you are feeling extra sleepy, we suggest sampling their oh-so-creamy Nitro Cold Brew—which just so happens to be on draft—for a burst of bubbly energy. That same brew is elevated by beans from local roasters, Common Room Roasters.

Native Knowledge: Sidecar also serves Vietnamese iced coffee, a delectable, strong delicacy that combines coarsely ground espresso with sweetened condensed milk, served over ice.

Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee 270 E 17th St, Ste 18 Costa Mesa, CA 92627 949.873.5424

Pour It Up Pour It Up

Vacancy Coffee Bar

This quaint, little, coastal coffee co-op is the quintessential one-stop-shop to conquer your quest for a quality caffeine fix. All are welcome to get grounded at this popular PCH pit stop and enjoy the Aussie-influence that permeates the place. The menu includes everything from a matcha to a flat white and they are the OG when it comes to offering oat milk as a non-dairy alternative. Vacancy is famous for brewing up “Gothic” mochas, an activated charcoal-infused coffee creation that is the perfect seasonal sipper to baffle your coffee cohorts. They proudly serve Toby’s Estate Coffee, which hails from Brooklyn, making their small-batch roasts as special and unique as a trip to The Big Apple itself.

Vacancy Coffee Bar 6480 West Coast Hwy Newport Beach, CA 92663

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