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Predicting the Unpredictable with the Persian Medium

Fiona Johansson wakes up every morning at 4:30 am just in time for her first session of the day with one of her over 27,000 clients from across the globe. She follows her wake up call with a sweat session in her in-home sauna as she connects with herself and meditates on the day. Fiona then replenishes with some of her ‘Persian power tea’ (an Earl Grey blend with warm spices such as cardamom and rose essential oils) and indulges in her favorite form of sustenance, bread and butter. A dab of lipstick, a swipe of mascara, and an empowering outfit choice later, Fiona is out the door and doesn’t break until around 9:30 or 10:00 pm in the evening. This is her schedule. Every day. Sounds exhausting, right? Not for Fiona. Fiona is not like the rest of us. She doesn’t need her full 8 hours of sleep to function or three square meals a day. She finds balancing her energies to be equally as satiating. Fiona has chosen this life or, rather, this life has chosen her.

“Everything is a choice. Attitude is a choice, happiness is a choice and if you choose wisely then you are always going to succeed no matter what you are doing,” explains the Persian Medium.

Fiona is a medium and a psychic. She is the ultimate human-to-human translator helping others decode and decipher their past, present, and future. Her body is a vehicle for information, her mouth a portal out of which people can connect with loved ones lost or dreams realized. But what you may not know about Fiona is that she is a wife and mother as well. She has three children with her youngest just over 2 years old and her oldest 7 ½ years, the same age she discovered her predictive talents and paranormal abilities. Fiona’s transcendental talents have completely transformed her ability to connect with others with side effects that include extreme empathy, an admirable business acumen, and an ability to learn at an expedited pace (seriously, she once spoke flawless French to a stranger in Paris even though she didn’t know the language - but we’ll save that story for later!)

“Life is about bringing attention and passion to people who need your attention and passion,” notes Fiona.

Fiona uses her gifts for the benefit of others, never for personal gain. Her platform, which includes her 1.3 million followers on Instagram, is a means for her to spark positive change and inspire the good in others. Fiona preaches that people must learn to be open to the unknown, open to alternative frequencies and energies. She describes herself as a ‘subconscious mind surgeon’ whose soul purpose is to spread enlightenment, power, love, and passion to those around her.

“Life is too short and people who are very logical are never going to change their life. There is no logic in life. Everything is based on the energies you are sending and frequencies you are receiving. Your right brain has to work together with your left brain to be successful.”

But do not be fooled. Fiona is just as smart as she is spiritual. She has worked with law enforcement to use her gift to assist them with cold cases and has aided some of the top business men and women with growing and improving their companies.

Her ‘out of this world’ (quite literally) advice can be adopted by everyone from valet to the VP, encouraging all to activate their own unique energies.

Her top existential adage?

“If you want to do something that you’ve never done or you want to have something that you’ve never had then you have to change something that you’ve never changed.”

This Persian Medium mantra stems from the thought that if you have an idea in your mind and you don’t take action, it’s just a dream. A dream requires action for it to become a reality. Nothing can come to fruition if an idea is stuck within the mind. And the same thing goes for those who are eager to connect with someone who has passed away. Fiona explains that people often come to her expecting a free-flowing dialogue to occur between them and their loved one. But, she says, it is important to “know what you want from that person, don’t be lost and don’t just ask for a sign - be specific.” And equally as important, “don’t be scared of any messages!”

Although Fiona says she is never quite able to turn off her paranormal powers, she has found ways to channel her infinite energy into hobbies like painting, traveling, fashion, and makeup (she has a makeup line coming out soon!) But first and foremost, her priority is her clients. To make an appointment with Fiona, go to www.avidawakening.combut, beware, she books up quick!

Side Bar:

Fiona’s Four Business Basics:

1. Know about all of your competitors and what they are doing in your industry

2, Negative energies inhibit ideas, avoid your ego!

3. Understand what the marketplace wants and needs

4. Remember you only need 1 yes (even if it takes 100 no’s)

Fiona’s Crackdown on Crystals: Crystals should only be used or worn for cleansing or healing (yourself or someone else) and should otherwise be stored away in a safe place. This is because crystals attract energies that can be too powerful, which can make a person feel tired or sick.

Fiona’s Fun Fact: She never watches the news and believes that the medium shows on television are all scripted and aimed at publicity instead of positive change.

Fiona Johansson, The Persian Medium

2711 East Coast Highway

Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

(917) 770-8831

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