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A Love Letter To My Coffee Shop

Dear Coffee Dose,

I’ve always wanted to be a regular, like in the movies, to walk across a frequented threshold and be greeted with familiar faces and the words “the usual?”

Coffee is a morning ritual to most but to me it has become so much more. When you opened up a year and a half ago, you lured me in with your cool decor and cheeky details.

You and I worked out the kinks together. We got to know each other. My coffee order changed, but you didn’t.

When I got pregnant, you switched me to decaf. When decaf wasn’t cutting it, we tried matcha. On the days when I was so tired from carrying a baby in my belly, I turned to you to bring me to life while I created one.

I ate your banana bread during labor and you caffeinated me through becoming a mom. My first walk with baby was to your shop. It became our routine. It still is.

I’ve grown by one and so have you. You’ve seen me on good days and bad, dressed up and down. Come rain or shine, but mostly shine, we meet every day. You’ve become my favorite ritual. My usual.


Jane 'Iced Oat Milk Vanilla Latte' Adler

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