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5 Easy Additions To Upgrade Your Abode

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Who’s the chicest one of all? Mirrors are the easiest way to make a space look bigger and brighter and luckily we live in a world filled with affordable options. Upon further reflection (see what I did there?), here are some of the best choices to give your walls that wow factor:

Kate & Laurel Mirror – Target


Stockholm Mirror – Ikea


Carson Mirror – Urban Outfitters


Opalhouse Mirror – Target


Stick ‘em Up

Peel & stick wallpaper is all the rage these days since it is all of the cool without the commitment. This temporary trend can be used for more than just an accent wall. Apply to the inside of closets, the outside of drawers, and everything from the sockets to ceilings.

On stairs

In drawers

As a border

A-door Your Home

The best way to personalize your place is by painting your front door. I think of it as the final piece of the puzzle in making your house a home. You can go subtle with a gray, navy, or black or throw in a pop of color with peach, pink, or periwinkle. If you feel like getting sassy with some stencils, doodle on some designs or finish your door off with a phrase.

Pro tip: you can pick a section, paint it and then place a sticker over it. Paint the door your color of choice and then carefully peel off the sticker and you have an easy, professional looking design or phrase without the hassle of tracing, erasing, spacing and bracing (for it to not look as good as you want).

Take Root

Plants can really give your home life (quite literally). Plain and simple, they just make things more interesting. They act as décor, add dimension, and are a fresh, functional way to spruce up a space. We all know about Fiddle Leaf Figs but spider plants, succulents, and Dracaenas are other great options. And a big bonus: most plants double as air purifiers so you’ll be breathing easier with your new house guests. Be sure to find a container that matches your interior aesthetic.

Put The ‘U’ in House

Make your house a home by adding personal touches unique to you. Whether that means framing a memento, showing off a hobby (think mounting tennis racquets and making a gallery wall around them), or hanging your favorite photos. You can also customize store-bought furniture with a little paint or by swapping out hardware for more personalized options.

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